Plaça Ramon Llull

“Jo no som de Manacor, jo som d’es terme de Petra. Si el dimoni s’hi va retre, però no m’hi retré jo!”

Project Info

Client Rafel Ginard
Skills Gloses populars Cançoner popular de Mallorca, I-IV, P.

Project Description

“I am not from Manacor
I am from Petra.
The devil may have gone back there,
But there’s no going back for me.”
Collected in Petra

“In Petra they’ve put street lamps,
And a few nightwatchmen,
And all of the tanned single men
Went from black to white.”
Collected in Manacor

“I wish they brought me news
Of what’s going on in Petra.
Here amongst these carob trees,
I collect carob beans.”
Collected in Felanitx