Plaça de la Vila

“¿Qui gosa amb aitals paraules insultar el rei d’Aragó? –crida Anfós als de la plaça. –Dos lleials: Cabrit i Bassa...”

Project Info

Client Guillem Colom
Skills El Comte Mal, 1950

Project Description

“’And, who has sent you with these orders?’
An angry Cabrit responded.
‘Anfós, of Aragon and Mallorca, sworn as King and heir!’
‘We know of no other king
In the Kingdom than King James!
In Majorca, and please forgive me,
Anfós is a fish, eaten with alloli all over the island…’

‘Strike me down, what great wickedness
It is to suffer your words!
Who dares with such breath to insult the King of Aragon?’
shouts Anfós to those in the square.
‘Two loyal men: Cabrit and Bassa.’
‘Cabrit, you say? But a cabrit is a kid goat!’
So, like goats I swear I’ll roast you for your treachery!’