Plaça de la Reina

“...el tiempo, como un río invisible, ha ido pasando por el centro del paseo, llevándose silenciosamente cosas que parecían indestructibles...”

Project Info

Client Màrius Verdaguer
Skills La ciudad desvanecida, 1953

Project Description

“If I remember what the Born was like fifty years ago, I feel, before it all, great surprise, seeing that it has been able to change so much without my realising.
The trees have produced new leaves each year and have grown, and time, like an invisible river, has run through the middle of the street, silently carrying away things that seemed indestructible and bringing others that have slowly taken root in that place and ended up looking like they have always been there.
So it is that life is a paradox. What seemed solid and indestructible disappeared with chance’s gentlest breath, and what seemed ephemeral and unstable still lives on.”