De Sa Calobra al Torrent de Pareis

“Com si un volcà ho hagués cremat tot; pedra, i res més. De dalt a baix, una immensitat de pedra”

Project Info

Client Santiago Russinyol
Skills L’illa de la calma, 1922

Project Description

“Heading to Torrent de Pareis, when the boat leaves Port de Sóller, there are still woods high up on the rocks; still the odd pine defies the challenge of the wind, and its branches fall on the waves themselves. After that you see nothing other than thorns with the odd solitary flower, and once you are in the torrent, nothing more. As though a volcano had burned the lot; stone, and nothing more. From top to bottom, an immensity of stone.

The Torrent de Pareis is formed by two vertiginously tall cliffs, and they leave the tightest of spaces for a rocky ravine to drop down from the immense mountains. So many rocks drop and roll down, heading for the sea, that the torrent cannot swallow them all, and the gigantic blocks pile up one on top of the other, forming a great tumble of rocks, which seem like they have fallen from the sky.”