Torre dels Enagistes

“Fa claroreta, un darrera l’altre s’encenen els galls, s’apaguen els grills...”

Project Info

Client Guillem d’Efak
Skills “Paisatges” Tampoc el foc, 1995

Project Description

“It’s getting light,
And one after another
Cockerels wake up,
And crickets sleep.
One after another
Candles are lit
On the altar.
One after another
Little old ladies
Early mass.
Whilst others put on the yoke,
A carriage has set off
Into the country.
It’s getting light.
The mule knows the path
That leads to the land.
Saw dust
Wood shavings.
The struggle
With glue
And a screwdriver.
The sea has
Made a parting and
Combed his hairr
—Too much water, perhaps.
In the middle of his smile
He has the first
Cigarette of his life.
He wants to be a carpenter
And today the boy begins.
He walks quickly
Towards the workshop.
He walks and dreams
About the carriage wheel
That one day
He will learn to make.