Son Marroig

“C’est, en effet, un travail incomparable pour la beauté de l’exécution, pour sa valeur géographique, ethnique, statistique, artistique...”

Project Info

Client Jules Verne
Skills Clovis Dardentor, 1896

Project Description

“If there is a place one can know intimately without ever having been there, it is the magnificent archipelago of the Balearics. […] Yes! If what has been done for this oasis of the Mediterranean had been done for any other country of the two continents, it would be pointless to leave one’s home and undertake a voyage to admire with one’s own eyes the marvels of nature recommended to visitors. It would be enough to lock oneself up in a library, providing said library contained the work of His Highness the Archduke Ludwig Salvator of Austria on the Balearics, and read such a complete and precise text, gazing upon the colour engravings, the views, the drawings, the sketches, the plans, the maps, which make this publication a peerless work.
It is indeed an incomparable work owing to the beauty of its execution, and its geographical, ethnic, statistical and artistic worth, and more besides.”