Plaça Major

“Madona de Son Vaquer, ja poreu sortir aviada, que sa vostra fia té una dragona aferrada...”

Project Info

Client Rafel Ginard
Skills Glosa popular “Es dragons de Son Vaquer” Cançoner popular de Mallorca, IV, P.

Project Description

“Good lady of Son Vaquer,
You should rush right now,
Because your daughter has
A lizard stuck to her.
In the Son Oms hills,
They’ve put up a lighthouse
To cast some light
On where the lizards are buried.
A certain Miquel Garrover,
From Son Vaquer,
Told everyone he knew
That Francesc Pelut had
Twenty lizards in a piece of paper.
Many were from Sant Joan,
And thirty from Montuïri;
Nobody pushed,
But they threw lizards about.
‘Good lady of Son Vaquer,
What did you do with the lizards?’
‘We made sausages out of them
Just like when my son-in-law comes.’ …”