Plaça Major

“Bona nit, Faldó garrida! Bona nit, Roegonet! Torna prest, que en no veure’t es meu cor queda sens vida!”

Project Info

Client Rafel Ginard
Skills Glosa popular Cançoner popular de Mallorca, IV, P.

Project Description

“’Good evening, Madò Pereta;
What are you up to around here?’
‘We’re sewing,
This girl and I.’
‘And you call that a girl?
A spinster I would call her.
I wouldn’t be scared
To meet her in the cowshed!
Would you have a fire going,
In the kitchen, or the brazier?’
‘You wait there, I’ll have a look,
And if I don’t, I’ll make one,
Just so you can smoke a bit!
See here fire and smoke;
For your hot pipe,
I’m never happier,
Than when I see you happy.’”