Plaça de Sa Bassa

“S’anega la ciutat sota els aiguers de l’hivern i, d’ençà que tu no hi passes, han perdut el seu nom carrers i places...”

Project Info

Client Jaume Vidal Alcover
Skills Sonets a Eurídice, 1967

Project Description

“The city is drowning under the waters
Of winter and, since you do not pass by,
Streets and squares have lost their names.
There are only crossroads, enigmas.
Asphalt and mirages, nothing more,
Triumph in silence. I search
For signs of you still, those sure
Steps, the glory and life of the streets.
But only an intact sorrow responds,
And furtive light closes the act,
Wings, on the threshold of the horizon.
An old rain falls, an interrupted
Rain, and around a dark corner
Sorrow embraces me as love once did.”