Plaça de l’Ajuntament

“Dins una vall ignorada i monòtona hi ha un Cardassar. Allà he collida la Flor que avui vos present...”

Project Info

Client Salvador Galmés
Skills Flor de card, 1911

Project Description

“In Majorca’s Llevant, in an ignored and monotonous valley, there is a field of teasels. I picked its ‘flower’ and today I am showing it to you. It is humble, plain, it does not smell, it is sharp and covered in prickles. It does not give much more than information about the land it grows in!
But perhaps in its dry and poor heart there is a seed — the favourite food of goldfinches — and here you have the reason why I undertook the task of picking it and showing it to you.
If you do not refuse it, especially if it satisfies in some way your hunger for beauty and the ideal, the work will not have been in vain and it will have been well paid.”