Plaça de la Llonja

„wie gut und glücklich sind doch diese Kinder der Sonne und der Flut!“

Project Info

Client Lluís Salvador d’Habsburg-Lorena
Skills Die Balearen in Wort und Bild geschildert, 1869-91

Project Description

Midday is announced by a bell, attached to a wooden peg on the side of the chapel of Saint Barbara, and its bright sound is accompanied by the muffled sound of the Cathedral. Suddenly all activity stops; the workmen lie down for a nap until the bell calls them back to work. During this time of calm you can observe, in the boats of various types and size, the authentic Majorcan life of sailors, how they all sit together in brotherhood on the deck around a great pot of soup or rice and eat straight from it; oh, how good and happy they are, these children of the sun and the waves!