Plaça de la Creu

“En Pavana d’Ariany l’han mort dins un carretó. Quina desgràcia, Senyor, que hi hagué dins Sant Joan!”

Project Info

Client Rafel Ginard
Skills Gloses populars “Glosada den Pavana” Cançoner popular de Mallorca, IV, P.

Project Description

“Pavana from Ariany
Was killed in a cart.
What a disgrace, oh Lord,
there was in Sant Joan!
The judge was determined
That someone from Sant Joan did it,
And now, they’ll say
That it was someone from his own town.
Pavana from Ariany
Was killed by his own cousin,
Who threw him in a bean patch
At Gossauba,
Thinking that they wouldn’t find him.
Big Miquel consoled
Little Miquel, his godson:
‘Come on, commend him to God,
Your father’s buried now!’
‘On Consolació
My father is buried.
Oh how we suffered
My mother and I
And my elder brother!
On Consolació
My father is buried;
If he caused you ill,
I ask forgiveness on his behalf!’
Pavana’s second son
Got down from the cart
To kiss his blood
Which was everywhere.”