Plaça de la Constitució

“El cel prepara secrets murmuris de mandarina. I les riberes del vent esgarrien taronjades...”

Project Info

Client Bartomeu Rosselló Pòrcel
Skills “Sóller” Imitació del foc, 1938

Project Description

“The sky is preparing secrets,
Mandarin murmurs.
And the shores of the wind
Are scattering oranges.
I can taste orchards. I lie down
On cushioned valleys.
Leaves give of freshness
Making pleasant fans,
Curtains of perfume,
Fluttering gestures.
The breeze paints shades
Of caramel in the breeze.
My hair has been dishevelled
And my shadow turned right around.
The sugar in the air
Tickles my face,
With flower preserves
And shivering syrups.
Go up and down my spine.
When honesty turns to ice,
It seems it is made of flames.
The star of Bethlehem appears
With a glass of iced milk.
Its sweat
Comes through its clothes.”