Passeig marítim

“...a small hotel standing on the edge of the sea looking out over a view in the misty haze of a fine morning had the exquisite vagueness of a Japanese print...”

Project Info

Client Agatha Christie
Skills The Regatta Mystery and Other Stories, 1932

Project Description

“Mr. Parker Pyne settled down at the Pino d’Oro very happily. There was a larger hotel not far off, the Mariposa, where a good many English people stayed. There was also quite an artist colony living all round. You could walk along by the sea to the fishing village where there was a cocktail bar where people met -there were a few shops. It was all very peaceful and pleasant. Girls strolled about in trousers with brightly colored handkerchiefs tied round the upper halves of their bodies. Young men in berets with rather long hair held forth in “Mac’s Bar” on such subjects as plastic values and abstraction in art.”