“Los poetas vendrán a conversar y a tomar copitas en amor y compañía. El vino –como la luna y los amores imposibles– es buen amigo de los versos”

Project Info

Client Camilo José Cela
Skills Papeles de Son Armadans, 1959

Project Description

“The Formentor conversations had an achievable aim: a continuous dialogue and immediate communication between Spanish poets on the eternal subject of poetry, this winged trembling of God that vibrates in the soul and, sometimes, moves some men to write, men who, in this case, sing, melodiously and emotionally, in the plural and evergreen Iberian tongue: the noble Castilian of Garcilaso, the sonorous Catalan of Maragall, the sweet Galician of Rosalía de Castro, the ingenuous, difficult and rural Basque of Aizquíbel and Arana-Goiri. […] Poets will come to the conversations to converse and have a drink in an atmosphere of love and friendship. Wine — like the moon and impossible loves — is a good friend of poetry.”