“El cafè, en el mar, quina meravella! Aquells dos glops de cafè us inciten, davant del mar, a començar un nou dia –un misteriós nou dia...”

Project Info

Client Josep Pla
Skills Les illes, 1970

Project Description

“Coffee, in the sea, what a marvel! One of the most exquisite meetings of sea folk is this: starting the day drinking, before eating anything, a cup of strong coffee, with very little sugar, black. The drink is almost immediately effective: your spirits head towards the outside world, your surroundings become fascinating and it makes your eyes shine. Exactly the opposite of the yellow and shapeless depression caused by milky coffee. A quickened heartbeat hardens your senses. Go from your flaccid yawning when you jump out of bed to a state of completion, of positive disposition. Yet again, stop asking yourselves if life is a perfect and tiring derision without any possible compensation. Those two mouthfuls of coffee invite you, before the sea, to begin a new day — a mysterious new day.”