Miranda dels Lledoners

“C’est le plus bel endroit que j’aie jamais habité, et un des plus beaux que j’ai jamais vu. Et j’en avis à peine joui!”

Project Info

Client George Sand
Skills Histoire de ma vie, 1855

Project Description

“I left the Charterhouse with a mix of happiness and sadness. I would have happily spent two or three years there, alone with my children. He had a trunk full of good elementary texts and the time to teach them. The sky was magnificent and the island, an enchanted place. […] Frédéric’s music filled that sanctuary with such poetry, even amidst his most painful attacks! And the Charterhouse was so beautiful under the ivy, the blossoms in the valley so splendid, the air so pure above our mountain, the sea so blue on the horizon! It is the most beautiful place where I have ever lived, and one of the most beautiful I have ever seen. And I barely enjoyed it! Since I did not dare to leave the patient, I could not go out with my children for more than a moment every day, and sometimes not even that. I myself was very sick from exhaustion and seclusion.”