Mirador del cementiri

“Gertrude had not misled me about the islanders, who were (an still are) excessively honest and friendly, and soon accepted me with all my foibles, as part of the landscape.”

Project Info

Client Robert Graves
Skills Majorca Observed, 1964

Project Description

“Back in the village, I had to double-kiss a whole row of male and female cheeks, and tears were shed as at my departure. Though I had meanwhile acquired a wife and three small children, it seemed as if I had been absent only a few weeks, except for the immensity of the tangerine bushes in the garden, and loquat-pits. Of course, children had grown up, and a few old people had died; but families remained intact. […] Everything I had left behind had been booked after –linen, silver, books and documents- though the moths had got into my socks; and if I felt so inclined, could have sat down at my table, taken a sheet of paper from the drawer and started work again straight away. Deià certainly rolled out the red carpet for me; my return made everyone hope that prosperity was once again around the corner.”