Can Sabater

“Damunt aquest cel vibrant de Mallorca les falzies encalcen la presa amb xiscles estridents. La fam, l’ànsia vital, les embogeix.”

Project Info

Client Llorenç Villalonga
Skills El lledoner de la clastra, 1958

Project Description

“The library, situated on the upper floors, is large and hidden. Its only window looks out on the courtyard, where an old Mediterranean hackberry rises high above the building’s roof. In August, in Robines, beside the mountains, between Montlleó and Bearn, the days are scorching hot. To escape the sun and the flies, people take refuge in the shade in shuttered rooms. The library is defended by shutters and the thick curtain of the hackberry. Even so, the great damask blue of the sky infiltrates through the shutter blades. Above this vibrant Majorcan sky swifts hunt their prey with loud cries. Hunger, that vital yearning, makes them go mad. Now and then, a gust of wind carries scents of indigenous basil and carnations. The vegetable world, in its own way, also wants to show its existence…”