Ca s’Apotecari

“Què me’n direu? Com començava a fer fosqueta i sortia s’estel des porquers, es vi ja havia bollit i s’era destil·lat...”

Project Info

Client Antoni M. Alcover (1862 – 1932)
Skills El castell d’iràs i no tornaràs Rondalla popular recollida per Antoni M. Alcover

Project Description

“… And the vine shoots begin to grow, more shoots grow, and the vines fill with buds. With embers the little women heated them up, and they became grapes, with bunches bigger than your hand and grapes as big as almonds. A group of weavers has made baskets for everyone. Everybody takes one, and heads off to harvest the grapes; once their basket is full, then in it goes into the vat! And the group to tread the wine, with their legs and sleeves rolled up, tread the grapes and sing songs! Once the vat is full, they open the tap and start filling barrels. They fill and empty the vat a few times and fill all of the barrels.
And what would you know? When it was starting to get dark and the evening star came out, the wine was made.
The fairy opened a couple of taps, and a sparkling, black, bright liquid flowed out, and it was delicious.”