Claustre de Sant Vicenç Ferrer

“Sí, som amadors de la llengua catalana; l’amor a aqueixa llengua ens ablama el cor, i ens fa fer tot el que feim...”

Project Info

Client Antoni Maria Alcover
Skills I Congrés de la Llengua Catalana, 1906

Project Description

“Yes, we love the Catalan language; love for the language sets our heart ablaze, it makes us do all we do. No, it is not hate for anything or anyone that moves is, we are not a negative. It is love for our motive, we are an affirmation, not an irrational affirmation, in the air, mumbling, but rather an affirmation in full conscience, mature, categorical, radical, unyielding; an affirmation of the type that does not waver, that never gives in, that never retreats for anything, where the world may turn on its head. We are the affirmation of the existence of our language and its inviolable right that cannot be legislated against to live like any of the great Romance languages, its brothers and sisters, the right to a dignified life proper to free people, the right of a monarch to reign pacifically, without obstacles of any kind, within its own borders, with all of the honours, prerogatives and pre-eminences it deserves. Yes, we love our language with all our soul.”