Avenc de Son Pou

“Aquesta muntanya és buida. Al seu interior hi ha un gran palau amb fonts d’aigua viva i olla de tenebres per posar-hi els atrevits.”

Project Info

Client Josep Capó
Skills El tresor de l’avenc de Son Pou Rondalla popular recollida per Josep Capó

Project Description

“This mountain is empty. Inside there is a great enchanted palace or castle, with large rooms and stone columns made of marble of many colours, fountains of living water and a great cauldron of shadows where they put the daring. Seven fairies live there and they keep watch over the treasure. During the sunlit days and moonlit nights, they sleep, but there is always at least one who keeps watch over the treasure. When there is thunder and lightning they have great parties with music, dance, great balls and celebrations where they want for nothing, with the most delicious things to eat and drink. When it is cloudy or foggy, they come out through the cracks — but as I said, there is always one who stays to keep watch — to meet with fairies from other parts. Sometimes they have met on the branches of the walnut tree at Son Pou, or the myrtle at Son Berenguer, or the hackberry at Son Torrella.
Maria left the place without knowing if she was dreaming or awake. She told everyone at home. Her father and mother thought she was crazy, but she repeated it so much that in the end they said:
‘We can’t lose anything by lighting a candle. Let’s see what happens.’
And one Sunday they lit a seven-pound candle…”