Torre de ses Puntes

“La Torre de Ses Puntes era un edifici gòtic salvat miraculosament dels apetits d’una ciutat malèvola....”

Project Info

Client Gabriel Galmés
Skills El rei de la selva, 1996

Project Description

“At Catalina Bibiloni’s exhibition were the great and the good of Palma. A minister in the Balearic government had gone to enthuse about her landscapes with children. A mass of official cars were waiting for their occupants to return so they could hot-foot it away. Catalina Bibiloni received sincere congratulations from other merry philistines, and she gave herself a pat on the back for having brought such people together. A revolving door of local writers mercilessly criticised the displays of puerile intellect from those who were not there. They fought with the artists, who were arguing with the writers and amongst themselves. They made the most of that day to stand shoulder to shoulder against the ingenuity of whoever thought they had invented naïve art.
Both Catalina Bibiloni and Francesc Serra received warm congratulations. The Torre de Ses Puntes was a Gothic building miraculously saved from the appetite of a malevolent city”