Plaça de l’Església

“Amb totes les lletres necessàries,sense una falta d’ortografia ni un crit, t’estim.”

Project Info

Client Miquel Àngel Riera
Skills Biografia, 1974

Project Description

“I want to tell you
Like men, Nai:
‘I love you.’
That, like men.
Without a syllable
Of weakness,
No soft coating on the words
Where the same-old sickly stench can gather.

That’s how I love you,
With my voice,
With what I say,
“vertical”, “punch”,
“two-hundred and fifty”.
Without a letter on blank eyes,
Without opening my arms
Like someone stretching out a parchment in Gothic type.
Right now
I love you.
Everything else is separate.
Like a triangle,
Like a dagger,
Like a Norfolk Island pine
Or a low chair.
With all the necessary letters,
With no spelling mistakes
Nor a cry,
I love you.
And too often I’m hurt,
To the core
Of my tenderness.”