Santuari de Cura

“ –Saps encara què és amor? –Si no sabés que és amor, sabera què és treball, tristícia, e dolor?”

Project Info

Client Ramon Llull
Skills Llibre d’amic e amat, 1276-1278

Project Description

“Blanquerna was praying and was considering how to contemplate God and his virtues; and having finished his prayers, wrote about his contemplation. And he did this every day; and in his prayers he discovered new reasons, so that with many and various ways he wrote the Book of the Friend and the Beloved, and those ways were short, and in little time the soul could go through many of them.
And with God’s blessing, Blanquerna began his book, which was divided into as many verses as days in the year. And each verse was enough for a whole day to contemplate God, according to the art of the Book of Contemplation.
Said the beloved to the friend:
“Do you know, yet, what is love?”
And the answer:
“If I did not know what is love, would I know what is work, sadness, and pain?”