Pujada a Sant Salvador

“Uniformats amb robes fúnebres, aquests xiprers ballen la dansa de la mort en honor de catorze morts...”

Project Info

Client Rafel Ginard
Skills La flora de Sant Salvador, 1960 A Croquis Artanencs

Project Description

“In front of the prehistoric caves at Sant Salvador there is a group of cypress trees. We cannot ignore that small plantation which keeps permanent watch over the cross installed to commemorate the inhabitants of Artà who died in the Spanish Civil War. In their funereal robes, these cypress tress, depending on the strength of the wind, perform the dance of death in honour of the fourteen dead. They dance rigidly, ceremoniously, without an inch of their dress falling out of place.
These cypresses are a symbolic cemetery, a truly sacred place. Before them are prehistoric caves surrounded by caper bushes 16th-century walls serve as a backdrop to this place and surround a sanctuary dedicated to the Mother of God. This is where the town of Artà was born. Time has woven into the walls a heroic decoration of cacti, wild olives, buckthorns, fennel and burdock, false yellowheads, nightshade, carob trees, hackberries and palms.”