Coves del Drac

“ fond du gouffre, c’est soudain la merveilleuse surprise de l’eau douce où des barques illuminées donnent des sérénades vénitiennes...”

Project Info

Client Paul Morand
Skills Majorque, 1963

Project Description

“ It is the inextricable, a true rope-maker’s shop; huge rooms where the stone looks like rope, a colony of enormous corals, a mercer’s bric-a-brac, a zoological garden, fringes from a Manilla shawl, weeping willows, chenilles and lace trimmings… Everything there without the interference of men; not Breughel, nor the Piranesi who create The Prisons, nor William Blake, nor Gustave Doré could have imagined such a scene. You suffocate in the belly of this whale which has come to die on the shore between the teeth of this prehistoric monster, amidst these frozen tears hanging above us, like ice on the roof of a Swiss chalet.”