Call jueu

“El call és un indret més aviat descolorat, perquè tota tradició hi va ser anihilada i esventada i esvaïda, fa molts d’anys...”

Project Info

Client Bartomeu Fiol
Skills Càbales del call, 2005

Project Description

“The call* is a rather colourless place,
With dusty wood from hungry woodworm
And stone gnawed away by the weak sun, or the black sun.
Nevertheless, the call is also a sacred place
Like any other, right now, now and forever.

The call gives somewhere where we can hide from the rain
To a huge crowd of similar sorts,
Of varying feelings and thoughts,
Because any tradition there was annihilated
And discarded and attacked, a long time ago.

The call is nothing more than an imaginary place
That counters the habit of nightmares
Although they both belong to the past:
In nightmares there is nothing you can do
But, in the call, the past can become active now and then.”

* The call is Palma’s Jewish quarter.