Plaça de la Cartoixa

“...donde se abre la granada y da su miel el sexual higo, y cuelgan de las viñas las uvas que recuerdan la siesta del fauno mallarmeano...”

Orte Info

Urheber Rubén Darío
Arbeit El oro de Mallorca, 1913

Orte Beschreibung

“In the rocky fields, where great heaps of grey and white rocks amassed, and amongst the olives that harked pack to pagan Greece, and in the valleys laden with pomegranates and where figs offered up their sexual nectar, and where vines and great bunches of grapes hung remembering the sleep of Mallarmé’s faun, and where there are flowers and thorns, and green leaves of maize plants, and yet here it would not be at all surprising to suddenly see appear Aegipan, or a nymph, or a hamadryad, to the sound of a reed flute as is customary in Hellenic lyrics and fiction. The young lads are strong with lively eyes and elegant bodies, and the adolescent girls are well formed and rounded where appropriate by Mother Nature, with the bounty and beauty by satyrs and jolly demons.”