Jardins de la Misericòrdia

“Sorprèn els racons del jardí i sabràs els secrets de les vànoves, dels sillons amb roba de llengos antiga, de les columnes entorcillades!”

Project Info

Client Bartomeu Rosselló-Pòrcel
Skills “Auca” Imitació del foc, 1938

Project Description


“Look how windows close and in the room evening,
Evening falls, on an August bed, you can see it
From any pomegranate tree;
Surprise the hidden corners of the garden and you will discover the secrets of the bedspreads,
the armchairs covered in old cloth, the twisted columns!
Go to the garden, beside the image of the Virgin,
Beside the pool, tired of cradling the same leaves,
There are the windows that still remember the suicide
And the madman who saw him hanging, and couldn’t stop laughing
With his eyes dotted with shadows like buttons…”