Passeig del Born

“Palma té l’aspecte d’una ciutat neta i de molt bon aire. El Born és una delícia urbana, un saló acabat...”

Project Info

Client Josep Pla
Skills Les Illes, 1970

Project Description

“Palma looks like a clean and very pleasant city. The Born is an urban delight, a lounge lacking in nothing. It is a street for being. Most streets are for going. The Born is a street for being. I imagine that somebody who likes other people’s affairs could ask for nothing more. The city’s layout is easy to get around and has some very amenable rises and falls. The narrow streets are amiable, offering no drama. Strolling around the Born I find a few great residences; their image is impressive solid, rural, dignified. The courtyards are memorable. The houses are dignified because the signs of wealth are discreet, hidden from view, lacking pretension. People walk slowly, without pushing, they come and go about their business peacefully…”